Legal and more

Posted: February 1, 2013 in Game Development

So it turns out I no longer need to sue anyone as a peaceful resolution was met. Also changing schools at the moment that will be fun. In other news I have decided to start making mods for minecraft that work with universal electricity. I am really excited about universal electricity as finally having a mod setup that only needs one power source will be a nice change from the many that are required normally when playing technical mods in minecraft. Well I am gonna keep this short as I am on my phone at the moment.


Crazy Times

Posted: January 13, 2013 in Game Development, Uncategorized

Well I spent New Years in Seaside Oregon and had a great time.  It was very cold at the beach in December/January and even some of us who went decided it was a good idea to go swimming outside at night in 20 degree weather, however I was not one of them.  After I got back I got back to work on my website deal I was working on and now sad to say I have to sue them as they are unwilling to pay for work done.  It really is just a huge mess that I am hoping can be avoided but as there is copy-write infringement as well as Intellectual Property theft going on in this case and they are refusing to not only pay but remove my material from their computers its turning into a not so fun way to start a new year.  Oh well, that’s why I have been quiet lately, anyway keeping my fingers crossed and hoping to get this whole legal mess over and done with fairly quickly, though I doubt it will happen that way since there is nothing fast about the legal system unfortunately.

Merry Christmas!

Posted: December 25, 2012 in Game Development
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Just wanted to get on here and say Merry Christmas to everyone.  Sorry the posts have been slow lately but I have been very very busy with the new job, and everything else.  The good news is it is paying for new hardware that will be fully used in the creation of the game.

Busy, Busy, Busy!!!

Posted: December 19, 2012 in Game Development

I am in a really good mood today, I just landed a contract with Yellow Cab doing rebuilding their website, and then once that is done, moving into doing I.T. work for them maintaining their phone systems.  This of course is going to put a little slow down on the creation of the game, but at the same time it will help with purchasing things needed to make the game a reality.  Nothing else really going on though right now, I mean still working on the game just a little slower now, and don’t really have anything that I am really ready to let people know about as things are still in the process of being decided on with them and I don’t want people to get all emo over something that may or may not make it in.  Anyway once again If there is something you would like to see in the game, as always if you put it in a comment we will see if it will fit and try to get it in if it does.  Also anything that is used that is suggested and actually used, the person who came up with the idea will get a free copy of the game.  Well I need to get back to work as I don’t get paid till things are done ya know 🙂


Posted: December 15, 2012 in Game Development

Been playing some new games recently looking for some inspiration, and I have found two different games that I am really liking.  First we have the game Don’t Starve by Klei Entertainment which can be found at and the other game is Towns that can be found here at  The reason for me really liking these two games is that they both cover different aspects of what I am trying to do with my game in different ways, and by playing them I am able to come up with all kinds of new ideas.

The game Don’t Starve is a game that takes and places you with nothing in an interesting world and the goal is to see how long you can survive.  So far from what I can tell is that there is currently no way to actually beat the game and its more like those old atari games where you tried for a high score or in this game surviving more days than your friends.  This game should be pretty obvious as to why I am gaining inspiration from it as the game I am working on is about surviving in a alien world starting with nothing but a basic tool set.

Towns on the other hand is much more similar to games like Dwarf Fortress and Dungeon Keeper as you start with a piece of land and some settlers and you have to survive and build up a town, all the while trying to attract hero’s to your town to explore the dungeons underneath your town.  Some of the things that are similar to this game that I am trying to accomplish is your interactions with the games NPC’s, however I want to go beyond what is possible in this game as I am not making a city builder but am planning on some elements similar to one.

Really I just needed a break as well to take some time to try some new things and it’s crazy what these independent studios are coming out with right now.  We are starting to get new ideas all the time from independent developers as well as games that are fun again instead of the same old lets just make more sequels of these games we have already done to death, besides who really wants something new or different ????  Me for one, sorry but I am tired of the same old crap.  How many times must I pay for what amounts to the same exact game with a new title on it?  This is why I personally am trying to do something different here as well as all the big boys in the industry are taking good care of the same old crap market.

Some Changes

Posted: December 12, 2012 in Game Development

After careful thought and consideration, I decided that I am just not ready to do a project like this in C++ and Direct X.  It’s not that I couldn’t, however it would take a bunch of unneeded time.  As I am about to start school back up and my other programmer is as well, it just doesn’t make sense for two students to be doing things the hard way.  I have found a really nice tool however called jMonkey that will help us get this project done in a decent amount of time, without a bunch of extra busy work that comes from Direct X.

The biggest downside with jMonkey is that it is Java, however before you say that you can’t make games with Java lets take a look at a few of the games out there that have become quite successful that were made with either jMonkey or Java.  We have games like Runescape, Spiral Knights, Minecraft, and many others.  Granted yeah I know I wont get the performance I would from using C++ I don’t really need it as this is going to be a game done by students as a first 3D Game.

Anyway, if you do think still that I can’t make this work in Java then take a look at what is being done with flash.  If Flash can be used to make games so can Java.  Anyway that is all for now, just understand this is to help make this whole thing more manageable for a very very small team, instead of doing things the hard way just cause we can and end up wasting more time that we didn’t have to!

One of my biggest things I can’t stand about Minecraft is the lack of realism just about everywhere.  Granted there are some places its nice like not having to worry about cave ins and all but I had this experience the other night while playing that just made me mad.  I had dug one of those tunnels that seems to stretch on for miles and as I was getting down to my last few picks I had brought with me I found a huge vein of ores.  It just seemed to go from one ore type to the next but never stopped.  At this point I was at least 2 miles away from my base and before the ore veins stopped all my picks had broken.  Of course I really wanted this ore so I made the long walk all the way back to my base made a ton more picks and emptied out my inventory.  Now to make the long walk back and hope I can re-find this ore.  I managed to get all the way back to the ore and once again I broke all my picks that I had made and still there was more ore.  Just like before I make the walk all the way back to base, empty my inventory again, make more picks and then make the long walk back to the ore.  You could say that I was really lucky finding this but at the same time to me at this point it felt like a curse.  I realized that I really hated the fact that the pick I have in real life has lasted for over 20 years, and if it does break, it is easily fixable, I don’t have to go to the store to buy a new one or go make a new three or four times a day let alone 20 to 30 times a day.

Maybe some of you have never used or possibly even seen a mining pick in real life, however what about shovels, or hoe’s?  Anyone who has ever had a garden has had one of these.  Do you spend half the time your working on your garden fixing these tools?  I guess what I am getting at is the fact that I can’t stand how fast tools in Minecraft break.  Maybe Notch thought Minecraft needed an item sink?  Whatever though cause that brings me to my game I am working on of course as that is what this blog is about.

Tools in my game (still don’t have a name for it yet as I don’t want to get sued, Thanks Bethesda and Rebellion studios), WILL NOT BREAK!!!  In fact as you the player come from a space faring race you have a wrist device similar to a cutting beam that you will use to gather material with.  This will never break on you instead you will be able to upgrade it to make it more powerful over time.  The reason for this is I don’t need or want my players to be dropping all there resources into making more tools all the time.  I don’t need this because we will have many many many many many more items for you to build and create that do cool things so we may in fact have the opposite problem of not having enough resources instead.  Hopefully we will be able to get this balanced nicely so that you feel that your always running out of materials or always low on materials instead of having to many.

There are a lot of things that I want to be more realistic in my game while still keeping it fun so there will be times when realism is sacrificed for fun because I never want the player to feel like they are working to hard, instead of just having fun.  Of course I want to tell you more but that will have to wait till next time.